Campus Culture


In recent years, the Institute has vigorously implemented the construction projects of learning atmosphere and campus culture, and has constantly innovated the form and enriched the content of campus cultural activities. The Institute insists on the “Three Focuses”:

First, focus on the publicity activities of “Love the Institute”. A wide range of activities have been held among teachers and students, such as “Year for Enhancing the Teaching and Learning Atmosphere”, Chorus Competition under the theme of “Love the Country, Love the Institute”, “Publicity and Education Month for Institute Ethos and Discipline”, “Report on Study and Growth” and so on. The Institute also emphasizes the entrance education of freshmen and the publicity of exam rules. All these activities contribute to the construction of Institute ethos, and good teaching and learning atmosphere.

Second, focus on campus cultural activities. We have organized various educational activities under the theme of “Our Festivals”. During such traditional festivals as the Spring Festival, the Qingming Festival, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival, the Chung Yeung Festival, a wide range of activities have been held among teachers and students, such as lectures, cultural and artistic performances, classic reading and various sports competitions, which helps to enhance the influence of excellent traditional culture in education. And during important events and holidays, a wide range of cultural and educational activities have also been held among teachers and students, such as Singing Contest for Young Teachers under the theme of “Chinese Dream”, Chorus Competition under the theme of “Pass on the Positive Energy, Sing the Song of Chinese Dream”, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition for Celebrating the Communist Party Congress, and Welcome Party for Freshmen, which contributes to enhancing the cultural and artistic ability of teachers and students. Moreover, we have conducted the moral education under the theme of “being honest and clean” and created an atmosphere of honesty and integrity on campus.

Third, focus on the integration of campus cultural activities. In accordance with the principle of “making Institute-level activities classic, school-level activities competitive, association activities wonderful”, we have implemented the integration of the fixed campus cultural activities so as to build a characteristic campus culture. We conduct the cultural construction project of “One Cultural Brand for One School” and strive to build a number of cultural brands that reflect the history and discipline characteristics of each school, so as to promote the overall construction of campus culture.