Discipline Construction of HIST


In HIST, the hierarchical structure of key disciplines construction is formed.  Crop Science was awarded as A-class featured discipline in Henan. There are 4 first-level key disciplines of Henan, including Crop Science, Veterinary Medicine, Horticulture and Food Science & Engineering, and 5 second-level ones, covering Crop Genetic Breeding, Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Agricultural Entomology & Pest Control, Botany and Higher Education. Besides, it owns 22 university first-level key disciplines, such as Crop Science, and 8 second-level ones, such as Applied Chemistry.

HIST was entitled to grant full-time academic master degree in 2007, and full-time professional master degree in 2015. There are 4 first-level and 21 second-level master degree authorizing disciplines, together with the 3 professional master degree authorizing disciplines of Agriculture, Engineering, and Education, totally covering 28 fields. Besides, HIST has training programs for master’s degree in vocational education, rural teachers of special positions and retired soldier graduates. Cooperating with 15 universities of doctorate authorization, such as Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, about joint training of doctors, HIST has 21 part-time doctoral supervisors and more than 350 master supervisors. With 65% of the supervisors holding doctoral degree and 54.4% of them being professors, the supervisor team with high-level academics and rational structure in age and education background is formed. At present, among the 371 full-time postgraduates in HIST, 21 are pursuing doctoral degree and the others master’s degree. With a total number of 246 postgraduates and 100% of master’s degree awarded, most have become backbones in their working organizations and more than 30 graduates have been admitted to pursue doctoral degree. In 2017, 145 new postgraduates will be enrolled.