International Cooperation and Exchange


Henan Institute of Science and Technology (HIST) insists on openness. It learns from universities abroad the advanced teaching methods and ideas, actively introduces high-quality teaching resources abroad and constantly promotes the course of education internationalization.

HIST and University of South Australia jointly launched undergraduate program majoring in education, mechanical design-manufacture automation, and information engineering. Currently, there are about 560 full-time students of the 3 majors. Relying on the program, HIST actively carries out teacher training. There are 29 teachers to be sent to University of South Australia for core curriculum training and 8 students for experience week activity. The development of this program promoted bilateral exchange and cooperation of Sino-Australia in education. The introduction of high-quality courses facilitates course construction and reform. Teachers exchange is beneficial to the improvement and development of teaching and research.

 For a long period, HIST has extensively established science and technology cooperation with Kirghizia in agriculture and animal husbandry. The demonstration planting in Kirghizia of corn and cotton breeds cultivated by HIST and the experiment of beef breeding have achieved good results. HIST has successively founded Sino-Kirghizia Agricultural Science and Technology Demonstration Zone in Kirghizia, Crop Breeding and Demonstration Base, and Chinese schools that focus on passing on techniques of agriculture and animal husbandry, all of which have contributed greatly to Sino-Kirghizia Agricultural cooperation.

In the context of “taking advantage of international science and technology and superiority of talents, striving to create high-level achievements of scientific research and high-end research platform, and promoting innovation of science and technology”, HIST actively carries out international cooperation in laboratory construction. It co-constructed “Cotton Functional Genomics and Molecular Breeding International Combination Laboratory in Henan” with the East Carolina State University of America, which consists of 5 laboratories as cotton breeding, cotton genetic engineering, cotton cultivation physiology, cotton molecular biology and cotton pest control. Furthermore, HIST jointly developed “HIST Rockwell Automation Laboratory” with Rockwell Automation Company Limited in the United States, which was constructed with the standard of “Interconnection Enterprises”, namely industrial standard 4.0, in line with the government-sponsored target plan for industrial production--“made in China 2025”. The construction of this lab has greatly improved the standard of talent training.  

HIST carries out various programs in cooperating with universities from many countries and districts in students training for bachelor, master and doctoral degrees, students and teachers exchange, science and technology cooperation, including East Carolina State University of America, University of Canterbury in New Zealand, Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal, Kangwon National University, Ajou University of Korea , University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland, Technical University of Lodz, Poland, Taiwan Mingxin University of Science and Technology, Universiti Putra Malaysia, INTI International University, SEGi University& Colleges, Surabaya University, etc.

At present, HIST is planning to co-build institute of dress designing with Italian colleges and to launch many sino-foreign cooperation programs with University of Magdeburg in Germany, Kutztown University of Pennsylvania, etc.