Library Overview


Henan Institute of Science and Technology Library has undergone various phases with the development of the Institute. And now it has developed into a library with a large collection, advanced management and modern facilities.

The new library building in east campus was completed and put into use in 2012. The main building is a twelve-storey building with about 32,000 square meters. Up to December 2016, the library collection includes almost 1.33 million paper books, 1.46 million e-books, over 1,500 kinds of periodicals and newspapers, and 35 kinds of Chinese and foreign databases. The library has established a comprehensive collection system covering such disciplines as agriculture, engineering, management, humanities, education, economics, law and art.

The library adheres to the tenet of “Readers First, Service First”, the concept of “Being Practical, Efficient and Harmonious”, and the management model of “Collection & Reading Integration, Open Management, Self-service Borrowing and Returning”. The library opens 91 hours per week and offers 24-hour Internet service. In September 2014, the self-service system was put into use, which indicates that the library has made enormous progress in the realization of modern management.

The library has seven departments – the Purchasing and Cataloging Department, the Circulation Department, the Periodicals Department, the Information Department, the Technology Department, the Executive Office and the Teaching & Research Section for Information Retrieval. The library offers a rich array of information resources for the teaching and scientific research.

With the pace of Henan Institute of Science and Technology to build a teaching and research oriented university, our library is striving to be a digitized, multifunctional and modern academic library.