Achievements in Scientific Research


Oriented by the support of innovation-driven development strategy and service of social and economic development, focusing on national strategies such as Grain Production Core Area, Central Plains Economic Region, Zhengzhou Airport Economy Zone, Zhengzhou-Luoyang-Xinxiang National Self-dependent Innovation Demonstration Zone, HIST vigorously implements the strategy of “strengthening university by scientific research”, and its scientific and technological innovation capacity has been significantly improved.

Since its establishment in 1939, HIST has won 7 prizes of National Science and Technology Progress Award and 2 prizes of National Invention Award, and 73 new varieties of crops including wheat, cotton, maize, sweet potato, etc. were cultivated and promoted. “Bainong 3217”, has played a huge role in solving the subsistence problem in rural China and won the second-prize of the National Technology Innovation Award, which  make HIST the only university receiving this honor in Henan in the 20th century. “Bainong Aikang 58”, (has won the first-prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. It is the first time for Henan universities to have won this prize since the award was set up.

At present, HIST is the Collaborative Innovation Organization of the National “2011” Plan. It has established Modern Biological Breeding Collaborative Innovation Center in Henan. It now owns 1 Henan Key Lab, 3 Henan Engineering Technology Research Centers, 1 International United Lab of Henan, 5 Henan Engineering labs and 1 key study base of Humanities and Social Sciences of Henan Education Department. Besides, it establishes National Comprehensive Experimental Station for Modern Bee-industry Technology and Provincial Research Center for Modern Cotton-industry Technology System. HIST also has 7 teams of Provincial Science and Technology Innovation, 1 Central Plains Scholar, 1 Chief Expert of Henan Modern Agricultural System, 4 Post Experts and 1 Comprehensive Experimental Station Master of  National Modern Agricultural Industry System.

Since “the 12th Five-year” Plan (2011-2015), HIST has undertaken 93 scientific research projects at national level, including National Science and Technology Support Plan, National Plans 863 and 973, Special Project on Genetically Modified Organisms, National Natural Science Foundation and National Social Science Foundation, etc. and has striven for a total of 192.99 million RMB as scientific research funds. Additionally, it has obtained 59 Provincial Science and Technology Achievement Awards, 1 of them is on national level. New varieties of wheat “Bainong Aikang 58”, “Bainong 207” and new varieties of insect-resistant cotton “No. 1 Baimian” and “Baimian 985”, have been approved by State New Varieties of Crops. They have been cultivated in large-scale in China, with further cultivation in Kirghizia and other countries in middle Asia. “Bainong Aikang 58” has become the popular wheat variety which has the largest promotion area in Henan province and southern Huanghuai region in 6 consecutive years, with total cultivation acreage above 0.26 billion mu (17.3 million ha) and accumulated total benefits over 20 billion RMB, and it has made outstanding contributions to construction of the Core Area of National Food and Economic Zone of Central Plains. “Bainong 207” performs well in production and it is expected to be one of the dominant upgrading varieties in southern Huanghuai region. Thermo-sensitive and infertile wheat BNS, discovered by HIST, has laid the foundation of popularization and application of hybrid wheat in large-scale. The establishment of production base of hybrid wheat is expected to break through the worldwide problem of hybrid wheat utilization.