School of Economics and Management

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The School of Economics and Management originated from the major of agricultural information, which was found in 1985 and in 1992 it was renamed the major of economic information management and the Department of Management Information was established. The School of Information Engineering and Management was set up in July 2001, which was renamed the School of Economics and Management in July 2006. At present, the School has four departments in information management, business management, economics and accounting system, and six majors in information management and information system, marketing, human resources management, logistics management, international economy and trade, and accounting, together with three double degrees in marketing, international economy and trade and accounting. The School boasts central laboratories, which covers information technology, electronic commerce, ERP, international trade, accounting computerization and other specialized laboratories. The teaching equipment worth over RMB 9 million.

The School of Economics and Management boasts a vigorous and well-structured teaching team. Among the 62 full-time teachers, there are 7 professors, 1 specially-appointed professor by HIST, 17 associate professors, 12 doctor’s degree holders or doctoral candidates, and more than 98% teachers have the master’s or doctor’s degree. At present, there is 1 national excellent teacher, 1 provincial excellent teacher, 1 provincial civilized teacher, 5 outstanding academic leaders of the Education Department of Henan Province , 5 young and middle-aged core teachers of Henan province, 4 top 10 excellent teachers of HIST, 10 young and middle-aged core teachers of HIST. The School has hired part-time well-known domestic and foreign experts, scholars and guests professors from Nankai University, Wuhan University, Renmin University of China, New York City University, Jinpeng Futures Company and so on.

At present, the School of Economics and Management has over 2300 students, and as the School with the largest number of students in HIST, it is aimed at fully improving teaching quality by means of sticking to the construction of teaching quality. In recent years, it won 1 national excellent resource-sharing course and 2 provincial excellent courses, 2 provincial unique majors, 1 provincial demonstration center of experimental teaching, and one textbook rewarded the “12th five-year” planning materials of Henan province. Regarding talents cultivation, it focuses on both theory and practice, in terms of the construction of case study at classes, field trip, comprehensive skills training, course thesis, graduates-internship and practice teaching structure so as to realize the cultivation of high talents.

The School of Economic and Management focuses on discipline construction.

The specialty of enterprise management is a prior development specialty of HIST and other specialties of management and economics are developing harmoniously. Currently, the School offers a master’s degree program in food marketing engineering, a professional master of agriculture program in rural and regional development, and a professional master of education program in international business. Meanwhile, three professional research centers --- Research Center for City and Regional Development, Research Center for Livelihood Development and Research Institute of New Rural Construction are established. The School is also the main unit of HIST’s doctor construction project and New Rural Development Institute. In the past five years, the teachers of our school published more than 1000 academic papers, and more than 50 published textbooks, over 50 projects supported by national social science foundation or other provincial projects. Over RMB 3 million scientific research funds was obtained, 8 ministerial and provincial level awards and more than 70 awards of departmental level were awarded.

Contact Address: School of Economics and Management, Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Eastern HuaLan Avenue, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China Post Code: 453003

Contact: Zhangrui

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