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School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering of Henan Institute of Science and Technology was derived from the Department of Agricultural Engineering founded in 1958 and was renamed as Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Department in 1987. In 2001 it finally changed its name to the School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering.

Now there are three departments, namely, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Automotive Engineering. There are 6 undergraduate specialties, namely, mechanical design and manufacturing and automation, electrical engineering and automation, automotive service engineering, electrical and mechanical technology education, application of electronic technology education, electronic science and technology. “Mechanical and electrical technology education” and “application of electronic technology education” were rated as professional characteristics in Henan Province. “Mechanical design and manufacturing and automation” is the Personnel Training Model Reform Pilot of Henan Undergraduate Engineering Education(excellent engineer). In 2014, “mechanical design and manufacturing and automation” is approved to offer Sino - foreign cooperative education. Totally there are over 1,600 undergraduates.

The School has won the honor of “Outstanding Grass-roots Party Organization of Henan Province”, and the school also won honorary titles as “Civilized Unit”, “Advanced Teaching Unit”, “Advanced Unit in Scientific and Technological Work”, “Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Team”, “Advanced Unit in Students’ Employment Work”, “Advanced Unit in Student Work” from HIST.

The School has carried out “double certificate system” to train undergraduates. The School is qualified to identify high and intermediate levels of 10 types of workers, such as turner, fitter, machine maintenance electrician, CNC, and electronic product maintenance workers. The School undertook the training of Chinese backbone vocational school teachers majoring in “mechanical processing technology” and “numerical control technology”, as well as the training of provincial vocational school teachers majoring in “application electronic technology”, “electromechanical integration” and “numerical control technology”.

Mechanical engineering discipline is HIST’s key discipline, and the secondary discipline of mechanical manufacturing and automation is the key discipline (reserve) in Henan Province. The discipline has more than 1,000 items of advanced teaching and experimental equipment which worth more than RMB 20 million, and 17 laboratories (including five scientific research laboratories). Detection technology and automation equipment is the second-level key discipline of HIST, with more than 500 sets of advanced teaching and experimental equipment, worth more than RMB 7 million, and 12 laboratories (including 2 scientific research laboratories).

The School is authorized to confer the master degree of "mechanical engineering" and "food processing equipment and automation". It cultivated doctoral students in collaboration with Shandong University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and other units, and cultivated the graduate students in collaboration with Nanjing Polytechnic Universities, Henan Polytechnic University, Henan University of Technology and other colleges. At present, 1 doctoral student has graduated, and 2 doctoral students and 40 graduate students are studying in school.

The teaching team of mechanical design and manufacturing and automation is honored as Outstanding Teaching Team of Henan. The precision processing and special manufacturing research team is named as Innovative Science and Technology Team of Henan. The School’s Lifting Equipment Safe Operation Monitoring Laboratory is ranked as Henan Engineering Laboratory and Laboratory of Precision and Micro-processing Technology is ranked as Xinxiang City’s Key Laboratory; and Laboratory of Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Control is Xinxiang’s Key Laboratory. Besides, the Rockwell Automation Company and the School jointly built an automation laboratory. The School also has a project training center and a national vocational skills appraisal center, and has more than 4,000 sets of teaching and scientific research equipment, worth more than RMB 50 million.

In recent years, the school has received 7 projects from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, and more than 160 other projects. Among the over 700 published academic papers, more than 300 articles have been indexed by SCI / EI. The school has been awarded the second prize of Henan Province Science and Technology Progress Award 3 times, third prize once, Henan Province Outstanding Teaching Achievement Award once, second prize 5 times. The school has been authorized more than 60 national patents, and more than 50 research results have been approved by Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province or other authorities. It published 7 academic works, edited and published more than 70 textbooks.

Among the 91 existing staff in the School, there are 2 specially-appointed professors by HIST, 14 professors, 2 part-time professors, 33 associate professors and senior laboratory technicians, 29 Doctor’s degree holders, 12 doctoral candidates, 3 doctoral tutors, 17 Master tutors, 17 part-time master tutors, and 10 teachers have the experience of studying abroad.


EXPERTS and Scholars















Research Fields









Deng Jianxin






Adjunct Professor



Advanced cutting tool and theory, and tool  surface micro-texture techniques






Zuo  Dunwen






Adjunct Professor



Super precision machining technology,  Manufacture of anti fatigue strength, Friction stir connection, etc.






Liu  Lili









Advanced cutting tool and theory, and tool  surface micro-texture techniques






Feng  Qigao









Intelligent manufacturing and information  technology






Ma Xiaoqin









utilization technology of efficient clean new energy utilization  technology







Su Jianxiu









Super dense and micro machining of hard  and brittle materials, and Ultra precision machining of ultra thin flexible  materials






Fu Yu










Computational Engineering Mechanics






Zheng  Zhulin









technology development of mechanical and  electrical products






Chen Xiqu









Advanced manufacturing and testing  technology






Du Jiaxi









NC machining technology






Liu  Guanjun









Wear-resistant materials and surface  engineering






Fu Sufang









Structural dynamics modeling and testing, dynamic optimization  design of mechanical structure



The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering focuses on academic communication and the School actively invites many off-campus scholars to give lectures and guidance, holds a number of national academic conferences, and encourages teachers to study abroad and attend academic meetings.In the past five years, there are about 10 teachers who studied abroad, more than 50 off-campus scholars invited to communicate with us, and more than 30 teachers and master’s students who attended academic meetings.

The School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering has been focusing on cultural construction and to school has formed the its own cultural ideas as follows:

School Motto: Sound in Morality, Broad in Learning, Good at Thinking and Practicing.

School Spirit: Fortitude and Self-improvement.

Love and Social commitment.

School Tradition: Hard Work and Self-reliance.

Contact Information:

     Contact Person: Xin Ning    

Tel.: +86-373-3040394


Mailing Address: School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Henan Institute of Science and Technology,

Eastern HuaLan Avenue, Xinxiang City,

Henan Province, China 453003

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