School of Animal Science and Technology

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The School of Animal Science and Technology was established in 1949. It used to be the Department of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary. It is one of the oldest teaching departments of HIST. The School has two departments: animal medicine, and animal science and technology. It has 4 specialties: animal medicine, animal science, animal and plant quarantine, and animal pharmacy. It has 1500 undergraduates and 48 postgraduates. 8 students are doing their researches as post-doctorates. The School of Animal Science and Technology is vice director unit of Animal Micro-ecology Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine as well as vice director unit of Veterinary Pathology Branch of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine. It is also the council member unit of Chinese Association of Animal Science and Veterinary Medicine.

Animal Science and Technology College has 8 teaching and research offices, and 10 auxiliary teaching organizations which are the Center Lab, Training Center of Animal Science, Animal Hospital, Animal Specimens Room, Diagnostic Center of Animal Disease, Feed Research Institute,Veterinary Medicine Research Institute, Virtual Simulation Lab of Animal Science, Remote Internet Interactive Lab of Herding, and Microscopic Digital Interactive Lab.   

Of the 95 existing teaching staff, there are 11 professors, 36 associate professors, 33 supervisors of postgraduate, 16 part-time tutors, 46 doctor’s degree holders and 8 doctor’s degree candidates and there are 2 double-hired Academicians, 3 HIST specially-appointed professors and 1 HIST teaching adviser. The young teachers below 35 are all master’s degree holders. There is 1 national outstanding contribution expert, 1 national prominent teacher, 1 provincial government special allowance expert, 3 excellent talents of Henan province, 1 provincial outstanding expert, 6 provincial prominent teachers in educational system, one provincial academic and technical pacemaker, 5 academic and technical pacemaker in provincial education department, 20 provincial backbone teachers, 4 gainers of the provincial science fund for distinguished young scholars, and 2 gainer of innovation talent engineering project in provincial high schools. Professors are listed in the following table.







Research field






Wang  Sanhu


PhD,  professor



Immunization  and diagnosis of animal


husbandry  infectious disease.



Wang  Ziliang


PhD,  professor



Animal  derived food safety and





Zhao  Kun


PhD,  professor



Molecular  virology



Hu  Jianhe


PhD,  professor



Animal  derived antibacterial peptide,


Animal  microbiology and molecular etiology



Pan  Yaoqian


PhD,  professor



Immune  pathology



Ma  Jinyou,


PhD,  professor



Animal  etiology and molecular pathology



Chen  Jinshan


PhD,  professor



Rapid  diagnosis and prevention of


animal  disease



Wei  Gangcai


PhD,  professor



Prevention  and control of poultry disease



Chang  Xinyao


PhD,  professor



Herbivore  digestion and meat quality





Liu  Changzhong


PhD,  professor



Development  and utilization of feed resource



Yang  Xuefeng


PhD,  professor



Veterinary  pharmacology and toxicology




Veterinary is first-level key discipline of Henan province and it has academician workstation and post-doctorate research base. Animal medicine is provincial characteristic specialty. Animal Science and Technology is provincial pilot reform specialty. Animal pathology and animal immunology are provincial excellent courses. Animal microbiology is provincial bilingual teaching demonstration course. Animal derived food safety is provincial excellent video open class. Veterinary microbiology is provincial good course for postgraduate education. The course of Veterinary Microbiology and 5 other courses are HIST excellent courses.Feed science teaching team is provincial teaching team.

The School of Animal Science and Technology has 11 scientific teams and 6 provincial-level scientific and research platforms: The Farm Produce Safety and Quality Control Lab is support by Henan to be the Key Lab of Education Ministry; “Intelligent Cleaner Production of Livestock and Poultry Lab” is Henan provincial engineering lab; “Animal Viral Disease Control and Residual Analysis” is the Henan higher education key discipline open lab; “Animal disease control and residues supervision” is Henan higher education engineering technology research center; and “Animal Viral Disease Control and Immunological Detection” is Henan provincial academician workstation. There are 2 municipal scientific and research platforms: Xinxiang Feed Nutrition Key Lab and Xinxiang Ecological Breeding Engineering Center.

The School of Animal Science and Technology has undertaken 77 research projects, including projects supported by National "863" Program, National Major Scientific and Research Project, National Natural Science Foundation of China, Excellent Talent Foundation of Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province, and Excellent Youth Foundation of Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province. RMB 21 million funds were approved for science and technology research.

768 papers were published, of which 125 were indexed by SCI, EI or ISTP. 79 monographs were published. 2 projects won the second prize of National Scientific and Technological Achievements Awards, 1 project won the second prize of National Technology Invention Award and 8 projects won provincial Scientific and Technological Advancements awards. 51 projects won Xinxiang Municipal Scientific and Technological Achievements awards, 55 patents were granted.

The School of Animal Science and Technology actively cooperates with lots of enterprises and also carries out social service. There are 42 practice bases outside HIST. 10 teachers are hired as science and technology correspondent of Henan province, 6 as members of municipal peasant’s cooperative expert service team and 16 as experts working for the under-developed regions. The School organizes teachers to do Sunshine Project training, vocational school teachers training and feeding training every year. We also organize service team of animal disease treatment, and carry out front line service for farmers and breeding enterprises.

Address: Eastern HuaLan Avenue, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, China

Post code: 453003

Contact: Liu Baoguo

Tel: +86-373-3040718

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