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1.About College of Fashion

College of Fashion of Henan Institute of Science & Technology has the higher level of fashion discipline in Henan Province. It started enrolling fashion design major undergraduates in 1993. After 20 years’ effort, it has developed a concept of “Merges with Culture and Technology” and engaged in elites training of profession, creativity and application for current fashion industries. There are 2 majors for Bachelor’s Degree students in 3 subject areas: Fashion Design and crafts Education, Fashion Design and Engineering(Knitwear), Fashion Design and Decoration. Fashion Design is offered for master’s Degree students in Education fields 2015.There are Enrollment of 600 B.A. full-time students each year. The main body of the 36 faculty and staff members are middle-aged and young teachers, including 20professional teachers, among whom 8 are professors or associate professors. 4/5of the teaching staff members hold doctoral or master degrees. They have sound the or etical foundation, abundant practical experiences and adept fashion industrial skills. We have one research institute and 12 specialized training laboritesas the practice platform both for students and teachers. and It is also the executive members of China famous associations in fashion industries, like ?China Fashion& Colour Association, China Fashion Association, Costume Research Institute etc. Meanwhile, We cooperated closely with certain fashion industries and Colleges.


2.Discipline Construction

College of Fashion engaged in foster the students’ creativity and application capacity and develop the student’ sartistic qualities. Main courses in 3 majors are listed as following:


Fashion Design and crafts Education main courses: Fashion Art Basics, Clothing Ergonomics, Pattern Design, Fashion Design, Sketch, Psychology, CAD etc.


Fashion Design and Decoration main courses: China Crafts Arts History, Cloth Pattern design, China Fashion History, Garment Crafts, Cloth Design, Psychology, pedagogies etc.


Fashion Design and Engineering(Knitwear) main courses: Fashion Design, Pattern Technology, Fashion History, Fashion Marketing, Clothing Ergonomics, Fiber Art, CAD etc.


3.Academic Research


One center training lab and 3research Studios have been set since 1998 as practice and research platform both for students and teachers, including Fashion crafts training lab, dying lab, knitting lab, CAD lab etc., 3 Studios are on fashion design, fiber creativity and production.


College of Fashion has higher level of in teaching, research and academics. 20 academics books were published, 10research projects focused on fashion design and application were undertaken. Works designed by postgraduate students win several awards in professional champions Presided by authorized Associations home and abroad.


Master supervisors and the research fields are listed as following:



Main  Research

Zhou  Pin

Professor  ,? B.A.

Clothing  structure design, Fashion culture

Duan  Weihong

Associate  Professor? M.A

Fashion  design, Fashion painting

Chang  Lixia

Associate  Professor? M.A

Fashion  culture and modern fashion technology

Guo  Haiyan

Associate  Professor? M.A

Dyeing  and garment design

Wang  Shizhu

Associate  Professor? M.A

Clothing  engineering and Fashion culture

Li  Aiying

Associate  Professor? M.A

Fashion  culture and clothing technology

Huan  Zhigao

Associate  Professor? M.A

Men’s  visual art system and fashion photography


4.Contact Us


For further information , please contact International Affairs Secretary:

Tel:+86-373-3693020 Associate ?Prof. Lixia Chang




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