College of Higher Vocational and Technical

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The Higher Vocational and Technical College, located in Huixian City of Henan Province and adjacent to the historic site of Baiquan Academy, occupies the Baiquan Campus of HIST. As one of the second-level teaching and administrative units of the Institute, the College undertakes the work of vocational and technical education. Originally founded before 841 BC and once called the State of Gong in Western Zhou Dynasty, Huixian City is a famous historical and cultural city which is 23km from Xinxiang City, and has the South Taihang Tourism Resort. The Baiquan Campus is conveniently located and has a beautiful and elegant environment and a unique architectural style, which makes itself an ideal place for study.


The College upholds the principle of “adhering to education and highlighting morality and ability” and the ideal of “being people-oriented, nurturing students, emphasizing practice and innovation”. According to the training objectives of higher vocational education, the College aims to cultivate highly specialized talents with practical skills, which meets students’ requirements of career planning and further education, and receives massive acclaim from people of all walks of life.


Relying on the high-quality educational resources of the Institute, the College has highly competent faculty and abundant educational resources. The College has more than 3,800 full-time students and 210 faculty members, including 45 professors and associate professors, 60 with Master’s degree and 15 double-professionally-titled teachers. In recent years, the faculty members have undertaken 16 research programs at provincial and Ministry level or funded by National Natural Science Foundation. 15 programs were awarded prizes for academic achievements at provincial and Ministry level. Students of the College have participated in various competitions for more than 50 times, and won more than 30 prizes of different levels, including the prize in the Henan Division of National Undergraduate Electronic Design Competition.


The Baiquan Campus covers an area of about 880 mu, with the gross floor area of 150,000 square meters, and the campus area will be expanded by 240,000 square meters under the expansion plan.  


The College has 5 departments and 2 sections, and offers 19 majors, including Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation, Computer Application Technolog, Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance Technology, Garden Technology, Visual Communication Design and Production, Accounting, Electronic Commerce, and Marketing. The College also sets up more than 30 labs and training rooms for the courses of Computer Basics, Computer Network Technology, Machine Tool & Processing, Benching & Welding, Vehicle Inspection and Maintenance, Garden Design,Physiology and Biochemistry, Animal Anatomy, Accounting Simulation, Art Design, Accounting Computerization, Office Automation and so on. The College has multimedia classrooms, an electronic reading room, a computer center and a library with a collection of more than 180,000 volumes, and offers Internet service. There are such sports facilities as track & field stadium, football field, swimming pool, table tennis and badminton training center, basketball court and volleyball court on campus.


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