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The School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (SCCE), whose origin dates back to 1993, was first setup as Department of Chemical Engineering in 1999, and then officially founded in July 2006. After over 20 years of construction, the school is now composed of2 departments, 4 institutes, 8 teaching units, and a separate centrallaboratory. The school has two departments: Chemistry & Chemical EngineeringDepartment and Applied Chemistry Department. The institutes include AppliedChemistry Institute, New Energy Materials Institute, Chemical Sensors Instituteand Stoichiometry Chemistry Institute. There are nearly 1100 registeredstudents majoring in four undergraduate programs: Chemistry & Chemical Engineering,Pharmaceutical Engineering, Applied Chemistry and Materials Chemistry. At thesame time, the school has a separate central laboratory which has a largenumber of advanced equipments with total value more than 20 million Yuan.

The school has 76 facultymembers including 16 full professors (2 distinguished professors), 37 associateprofessors, 10 master supervisors, and 34 of them have a doctorate degree (12 overseasreturned scholars).Among them, there are 1 National Outstanding Teacher, 1 Provincial Famous Teacher,2 Provincial Distinguished Teachers, 2 Advanced Individual & Civilization Teachersof Henan Province, 1 Academic and Technical Leader of Henan Province, 3 Academicand Technical Leaders of Henan Province Office of Education,  6 Young KeyTeachers in Henan Universities, 2 ScienceTechnologyInnovation Talents in Universities of Henan Province.

The school pays much attention to teaching qualityand launches the teachinginnovation actively. The school has 1 National ComprehensiveReform Pilot Project, 1 Provincial Teaching Team, and 1 Provincial Science &Technology Innovation Team, and 11 scientific research platforms including 3departmental research platforms. We offer Master's degrees in industrialanalysis and testing, and have joint-cultivated more than 30 post-graduatemaster students and doctoral students. Over the past decade, the school hascultivated more than 2,000 professional and technical personnel for oursociety, and more than 20 graduates directly passed the entrance examinationsof graduate students in the United States, South Korea or other countries withfull scholarships.

In recent years, great progress has been made in the scientificresearch activities. The school has undertakenmore than 80 advanced research programs funded by National Natural Science Foundation, International Cooperative Projects, Returned Oversea ScholarStartup Research Project, Henan New Century School Scholars & Teachersprogram, Henan Key Technology Development Project, Henan Natural ScienceFoundation, and thus obtained 10.625 million Yuan scientific research funds. We have earned 1 Second Class Prize of Henan Award for Advances in Science & Technology,and have produced near 300 scientific publications in which more than 170 articles were published in SCI or EI journals. 21 academic monograph and textbooks have been published, 44 rewards of science and technology have been won, 46 national patents including 8 invention patents and 38 utility model patents have been granted.Besides, the school pays great attention to laboratory and practice base construction. Apparatus such as chromatographic instruments, spectrographs, andelectrochemical workstation priced up to 20 million Yuan has been distributed to every unit to facilitate their research work, and each specialty program has practice bases to satisfy the need of practice teaching.

The school pays attention to the construction of grass-roots party organization and the ideological and political education work and has excellent teaching style and study style. The school has been awarded manyhonorary titles such as the Advanced Grass-Roots Party, Civilization Unit, Advanced Unit of UndergraduateWork, Employment Outstanding Unit, and so on. The passing rate of CET 4 CET 6 and the National Master's Entrance Test increased year by year, the employment rate and the employment quality gradually improved, and the school is highly thought of the increasing students training quality.

The school lays emphas is on extensive international cooperation and exchanges. The school has invited many well-known experts and professors from China and abroad to give lectures and act as honorary orpart-time professors, such as Li-Cheng Song ( nationalacademician, Nankai University), Zhuo-Bin Yuan (professor of Graduate University of Chinese Academy of Sciences), Kwang-Pill Lee (chairman of Analysts Association of South Korean), Jin-Ming Lin (Changjiang Scholar of TsinghuaUniversity), Xiu-Ping Yan (Changjiang Scholar of Nankai University). In order to strengthen cultural exchanges with foreigncountries, the school has established close inter-collegiate collaboration of academic and search exchanges with renowned universities in America, Europe,Japan, Korea and other regions.


For more information please contact us at:

Fang-Kun Zhu

School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Eastern HualanAvenue, Xinxiang City, Henan    

Province 453003, China

Phone: 86-373-3040148



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