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The predecessor of the School of Marxism was the Marxism-leninism Office founded in 1976 and the Moral Education Office founded in 1983. In July 1988 the Marxism-leninism Office and the Moral Education Office were merged to form the Division of Social Science. In January 2010, it was renamed the Department of Ideological and Political Theory Teaching. In May 2013, it was renamed School of Marxism.

The School consists of five teaching and research offices, namely the Office of Compendium of Chinese Neoteric & Modern History, the Office of Ideological and Moral Cultivation and Legal Basis, the Office of Basic Principle of Marxism, the Office of Maoism and Theoretical System of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics, and the Office of Situation and Policy, and the Experience Center for Ideological and Political Education. The School provides ideological and political education for undergraduate and graduate students and undertakes the related research work.

The School has currently one Excellent Course of Henan Province, one Excellent Course of the Institute, one Young and Middle-aged Outstanding Teacher honored by Education Ministry, one of the Top Ten Scientific and Technological Innovation Teams of the Institute, 5 Provincial Outstanding Teachers of the Ideological and Political Education, one winner of the first prize of the Ideological and Political Education Fund of Henan Higher Education Institutions, one Provincial Young Publicity Expert, 3 teachers winning the first prize of the Provincial Teaching Skill Contest for Moral Education, 3 teachers with the honor of Top Ten Outstanding Teachers of the Institute, 2 teachers with the honor of the Most Beautiful Teachers of the Institute, and one teacher winning the Educational Ethics Award of the Institute.

The School has one key first-level discipline of the Institute, namely Discipline of Marxist Theory. It offers one postgraduate program – Master of Education, and admits full-time and part-time students into the postgraduate program of ideological and political education. The School now has 5 postgraduate supervisors and 17 postgraduate students (4 full-time students and 13 part-time students).

There is one research institution in the School, namely “Xinhe Development Research Center – The Institution of Evidence-based State Governance with Chinese Characteristics”. Over the past five years, more than 130 articles have been published in academic journals, of which 33 articles were published in core journals. The faculty members have undertaken more than 80 research programs of different levels, including one National Social Science Fund project and 14 Provincial- and Ministry-level programs, and thus obtained the research funds of over 700,000 yuan. 28 programs were awarded prizes for academic achievements at or above the prefectural level, 24 achievements passed the Departmental and Provincial Achievement Appraisal, and 7 textbooks and academic monographs were compiled and published.    

The School has 23 full-time teachers, including 2 professors, 11 associate professors, 1 holder of doctorate degree and 2 doctoral candidates.

The School attaches great importance to the practical teaching of ideological and political theory. We set up the first Experience Museum for the Country’s History and Situation, which integrates off-campus practice with on-campus training, transforms the traditional teaching model of “Class & Society” into the new model of “Class & Society & Micro-society”, and helps to innovate the teaching mode of ideological and political education.

Each year the School invites a number of famous domestic experts and scholars for academic exchanges and encourages the faculty members to make social investigation, have visiting studies and attend academic conferences.

For more information, please contact us at:

Liu Zhongyuan

School of Marxism, Henan Institute of Science and Technology, Eastern Hualan Avenue, Xinxiang City, Henan Province, 453003, China

Phone: 86-373-3693257  



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