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The School of Mathematical Sciences was founded on the basis of Mathematics Teaching and Research Office under the Department of Basic Education. The Department of Mathematical Sciences was set up jointly with the Department of Computing Science in June 2003, with the two Departments sharing the same office. In July 2006, the Department of Mathematical Sciences was separated and transformed into the School of Mathematical Sciences.

The School began to enroll undergraduate students majoring in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (normal education) in September 2003, and began to enroll undergraduate students majoring in Information and Computing Science in September 2010. The School consists of two Departments, namely Department of Mathematics and Applied Mathematics and Department of Information and Computing Science. 4 research orientations are available, namely applied mathematics, computing mathematics, finance and statistics. And there are 2 second-level disciplines: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics, which is a characteristic specialty in HIST, as well as Information and Computing Science. In 2014, the Master of Education program was approved, and the School began to enroll postgraduate students (Subject Teaching Mathematics) in 2015. And postgraduate students were enrolled for the first time in 2016 under the initiative of Master-degree Teachers Training Project in the Countryside supported by the Ministry of Education of China.

The School has 6 teaching and research offices (Public Mathematics Office, Applied Mathematics Office, Computing Mathematics Office, Analytical Equations Office, Algebraic Geometry Office, Finance and Statistics Office) and 3 specialized laboratories (Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center for Mathematical Modeling, Applied Mathematics, Scientific Computing). The School has established multiple fieldwork bases in Xinxiang No.1 Railway Middle School, Xinxiang No.30 Middle School, branch of Huixian No.1 Middle School, branch of Xinxiang No.1 Middle School, Huixian Hope Initiative Training School, Shangqiu Xinghua School and Cotton Research Institute in Qiliying Town, Xinxiang County.

The School has 825 registered full-time students and 54 faculty members, including 49 full-time teachers, 5 professors (2 as distinguished professors), 19 associate professors (8 as internally appraised and employed), and 22 lecturers. There are 15 holders of doctoral degrees (representing 27.78%), 11 doctoral candidates, and 24 with Master’s degrees. 7 teachers won honorary titles including the Provincial Master Teachers, Provincial Outstanding Teachers, Academic/Technological Leaders under the support of Provincial Department of Education, and Provincial Backbone Young and Middle-aged Teachers. 8 teachers won awards including Top 10 Outstanding Teachers and Backbone Young and Middle-aged Teachers in HIST. There are respectively 8, 8 and 4 teachers who won the first, second, and third prizes in teaching skills contests at the provincial level. Many teachers won the first and second prizes in teaching skills contests held in HIST. Moreover, 1 teacher won the the special award in the 1stNational Contest for Basic Teaching Skills organized by Ministry of Education.

The School attaches great importance to scientific and technological research, as well as the construction of academic teams and ranks. Giving full play to the initiative of young and middle-aged teachers in carrying out researches, the School has nurtured an increasingly keen academic atmosphere, with an increasingly strong faculty in terms of academic research strength. More than 400 articles have been published, over 100 of which were published in core domestic journals, and over 80 in SCI and EI journals. 15 research programs at or above provincial level have been registered, with 5 programs funded by National Natural Science Foundation, with a total fund of 2 million yuan. 2 research programs of basic and advanced technology funded by Department of Science and Technology of Henan Province were accomplished. The faculty members have presided over or participated in more than 20 research projects at the departmental, provincial and Ministry levels, and have presided over 2 key projects approved by HIST. 10 achievements passed the Provincial Achievement Appraisal and 20 programs have been awarded at or above the departmental and provincial levels. The faculty members have complied or participated in the compiling of more than 30 textbooks, including one 11th Five-Year Plan textbook and another one recommended by the Ministry of Education. In addition, the courses of Higher Mathematics and Mathematics Pedagogy are rated as provincial excellent ones, while Mathematics Appreciation is rated as a provincial open course with video lectures.

The School puts talent training in the central place, encourages the students to attend postgraduate entrance examinations, and emphasizes the training of the students’ pedagogical skills and innovative competence. The School ensures a sound work to organize students to participate in the National Mathematical Modeling Contest, National Mathematical Contest for College Students, and international (USA) contests at large. The students have received over 300 first, second and third prizes in provincial contests, 3 first prizes and 18 second prizes in national contests, and 3 second prizes and 20 third prizes in international contests. Moreover, the students of the School won a first prize and a second prize in the “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Works Competition.



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