School of Foreign Languages

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The School of Foreign Languages, whose predecessor was the Foreign Language Office under the Department of Basic Education, was set up as the Department of Foreign Language Teaching in November 1993 and the Department of Foreign Language and Literature in March 2000, and was officially established in December 2011. The School offers all the English courses for students from English majors to non-English majors and postgraduates.

The School offers two undergraduate programs – English (two orientations: translation and normal education) and Business English, and one postgraduate program – Master of Education (Subject Teaching – English). There are nearly 900 registered full-time undergraduates and 7 postgraduates in the School presently. It has 6 teaching and research offices (Public English Office I,Public English Office II, Basic English Office, English Teaching Office, Business English Office, English Translation Office), 16 language labs, a self-access language learning center, a training platform for Business English major and a library. The School has 78 faculty members, including 5 doctors (including the doctoral candidates) and 62 with Master’s degree. There are 2 professors, 14 associate professors, 48 lecturers, including 1 Backbone Young Teacher of Henan Province, 1 Academic/Technological Leader of Henan Province, 3 teachers with the honor of Top 10 Outstanding Teachers of the Institute, 2 teachers with the title of Backbone Young and Middle-aged Teachers of the Institute.    

The School focuses on discipline construction and talent cultivation and upholds the principle of nurturing students and prioritizing moral education. Giving full play to the leading role of young and middle-aged teachers in teaching and research, the School emphasizes the central role of teaching and highlights the development of teaching teams and research teams. The School also works energetically to ensure a sound learning style, encourage students to attend postgraduate entrance examination, and conduct the training of students’ practical skills and innovative competence.

Since 2009, the School has 3 courses rated as Excellent Courses of the Institute, 1 teaching team honored as Outstanding Teaching Team of the Institute, and more than 30 prizes in various teaching skill contests. During the past three years, the faculty members have published 368 articles in domestic and foreign academic journals, of which 64 articles were published in core journals and 25 were included in the three major document retrieval systems (SSCI, CSSCI and Chinese Core Journal Criterion of PKU), and have compiled or participated in compiling 7 textbooks, and published 1 academic monograph. The faculty members have also undertaken many research programs on different levels and made great achievements, of which there are 8 first prizes, 7 second prizes and 5 third prizes of Provincial Outstanding Achievements of Information Technology, 3 Provincial Teaching Reform Achievements, 2 first prizes of Provincial Outstanding Achievements of Education Research, 15 first prizes, 8 second prizes and 7 third prizes of Outstanding Achievements authorized by Henan Federation of Social Sciences, 3 achievements passing the Provincial Achievement Appraisal, and 5 achievements passing the Departmental Achievement Appraisal. The faculty members currently preside over 4 bidding programs funded by the Government of Henan Province, 28 research projects supported by the Department of Education of Henan Province and Henan Federation of Social Sciences.  

Over the last three years, over 98% of the graduates got their degrees and the graduates’ employment rate remained above 95%. The School has been awarded the honor of “Advanced Unit of Student Work” and “May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee”. With the rapid development of higher education, the School of Foreign Languages will adhere to the scientific outlook on development, advance steadily towards the building of a teaching and research oriented school and make greater contributions to the development of the Institute and to the construction of the Central Plains Economic Zone.

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