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Originally founded as the School of Humanities in 2006, the School of Literature and Law was officially established in April 2013 on the basis of the Department of Chinese Language and Literature and the Department of Law.

Within the School, there are 2 first-level disciplines namely Chinese Language and Literature and Science of Law. It offers undergraduate programs to students majoring in Chinese Language and Literature, International Education of Chinese Language and Science of Law. It also provides ProfessionalMaster’s degree to candidates admitted into the program of Master of Education (Subject Teaching — Chinese Language and Literature). The specialties of Chinese Language and Literature, Science of Law, and International Education of Chinese Language were approved in 2002, 2003 and 2009 respectively, and students were enrolled under these corresponding undergraduate programs for the first time in 2003, 2004, and 2010 respectively. The postgraduate program of Master of Education (Subject Teaching — Chinese Language and Literature) was approved in 2014 and students were enrolled under the postgraduate program for the first time in the same year. There are over 1,000 registered students undertaking undergraduate and postgraduate studies in the School.

The School is composed of 2 departments, namely Department of Chinese Language and Literature and Department of Law, with 7 teaching and research offices, namely Ancient Literature Office, Modern and Contemporary Literature Office, Linguistics Office, Literary Theories Office, Criminal Law Office, Office of Fundamental Jurisprudence and Office of Civil Law. There are 5 laboratories and fieldwork bases named International Education of Chinese Language, Drama Rehearsal Room, Moot Court, Legal Clinics and Comprehensive Law Studies. It has a workstation within the HIST under the initiative of Xinxiang Legal Assistance Center, and also has 2 research platforms supported by the Institute, namely Research Center of Muye Culture and Research Center for the Development of Urbanization and the New Rural Construction in Henan Province. The School has a library with a total collection of more than 20,000 volumes of books, laying a solid foundation for teaching and research work.

The School has 54 faculty members, including 44 full-time teachers (5 professors and 19 associate professors), 7 with doctorate degrees plus 6 doctoral candidates, 38 with Master’s degrees, 7 double-professionally-titled teachers, 1 Henan Vocational Educational Expert, 1 Academic/Technological Leader under the support of Department of Education, Henan Province, 1 Outstanding Young Teacher of Henan Province. 1 teacher won the honor of Top 10 Outstanding Teachers in HIST, and 1 was rated among the Backbone Young- and Middle-aged Teachers in HIST. These talented faculty members form a vigorous, well-structured and highly competent team for teaching and research work.

The School focuses on the construction of disciplines and cultivation of talents, with an aim to build itself into a teaching- and research-oriented school. Upholding the ideal of nurturing the students, prioritizing moral education and emphasizing academic studies, the School underscores the central role of teaching, and highlights the development of competent teams for teaching and research work. Giving full play to the backbone role of young and middle-aged teachers, the School works energetically to ensure a sound learning style and adequate innovation and entrepreneurship education of the students. By vigorous efforts to train the students with practical skills and abilities, a cultivation system that emphasizes “solid foundation, cultural essentials, strengthened quality, and multi-field competence” of the students gradually come into being.The Department of Chinese Language and Literature is dedicated to the concept of great virtue in pedagogical education, while the Department of Law concentrates itself on the norm of “loyalty, justice, equality and practicality” in the cultivation of students. During recent years, 3 courses have been rated as Excellent Courses, and 1 unit has been rated as Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center at the level of HIST. Moreover, 12 off-campus fieldwork bases have been established. More and more undergraduates have been enrolled into postgraduate programs through National Postgraduate Entrance Examination, and have attended various kinds of certification tests (including judicial examination certificates and many other skills examination certificates) year by year. 1 teacher won the first prize in the National Contest for Basic Teaching Skills of Young Teachers in Vocational Schools. 5 teachers were awarded the first prizes in teaching skills contests at or above the provincial level. The faculty members have published over 600 articles in domestic and foreign academic journals, in which more than 100 articles were published in core journals and more than 50 were published in CSSCI journals. More than 30 programs were awarded provincial prizes for academic achievements, and over 180 programs were awarded prizes at or above the prefectural level. The faculty members have undertaken more than 120 research programs at prefectural, provincial and national levels, and published over 60 academic monographs, and compiled or participated in compiling over 60 textbooks.

For more information, please contact us at:

Xiqing Su

School of Literature and Law, HIST, Eastern Hualan Avenue, Xinxiang City, Henan Province 453003, China

Phone: 86-373-3040357





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