School of Information and Engineering

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The School of Information and Engineering at HIST was established in 2006. The faculty and students of the School uphold the principle of “emancipating the mind, transforming the mindset, grasping the opportunities and realizing enormous development” as well as the ideal of “establishing an open school, exploiting multiple resources, strengthening essential techniques and maintaining adequate external image”. Focusing on the development of talented personnel, academic subjects, institutional system, work style, as well as cultural environment, the School blazes a trail for innovation and expansion, developing itself into an influential school of its kind in Henan province.


Faculty: The School has 86 faculty members, including 6 professors (3 of whom are internally appraised and employed), 17 associate professors and senior experimentalists, 7 with doctorate degrees, 20 doctoral candidates, 7 academic leaders, 15 postgraduate supervisors, 1 external consultant for teaching, 1 part-time professor, and 9 visiting professors. 2 teachers won the Provincial Prominent Teaching Models Award, 2 won the Provincial Civilized Teachers Award, and 2 won the award of Outstanding Communist Party Members in Henan Higher Education Institutions. Moreover, 1 teacher won the award of 1st Annual Top 10 Outstanding College Counselors in Henan Higher Education Institutions as well as the first prize in the Professional Competence Contest among College Counselors in Henan Province.


Discipline and Specialty: The School is composed of the Department of Computer Science (DCS) and Department of Information Engineering (DIE). DCS provides 3 undergraduate programs, namely Computer Science and Technology, Educational Technology, Internet of Things Engineering; while 2 undergraduate programs, namely Information Engineering and Communication Engineering, are available under DIE. There are more than 1,600 students receiving undergraduate programs in the School. A key program for specialty construction has been under way for the specialty of Computer Network Technology, together with a national-level teachers’ training base in vocational education. Whereas the reform of the specialty of Computer Science and Technology constitutes a Provincial Pilot Project for Comprehensive Reform of Specialties. Computer Science and Technology as well as Information and Communication Engineering have been listed as the key disciplines within HIST. The School provides postgraduate programs of IT application in agriculture, information technology and modern education technology to 27 Master’s degree candidates.


Scientific Research Team: The School has a key laboratory for special robots and a collaborative control platform of intelligent robots under the initiative of Zhengzhou-Luoyang-Xinxiang National Innovation Demonstration Zone. The School boasts more than 10 scientific research platforms, including “Henan Engineering Laboratory for Agricultural Internet of Things, Large Data Analysis and Application in Crops” as well as “Engineering Technology Research Center of Henan Higher Education Institutions for Agricultural Digital Media Creativity and Design”. It also has teams of experts in fields such as agricultural Internet of Things and large data analysis, special robots and agricultural intelligent robots, natural language processing and image processing. The total value of equipment for teaching and scientific research amounts to 27 million yuan.


Open Education: The School takes the initiative to conduct international academic exchanges and cooperation, and provide cooperative education jointly with many other universities and corporations, such as HP-Luoyang International Software Talent and Industrial Base, University of South Australia, University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland, and University of Surabaya, Indonesia.


Extracurricular Innovation Practice of the Students: The School has always attached importance to party building, ideological and political work by vigorously cultivating campus culture, extracurricular innovation practice and disciplinary contests, developing the students in an all-round way. The School won the titles of “Outstanding Team of Three Rural Social Practices” organized by the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, “Excellent Brand of Ideological and Political Work of Henan Province: Mobile-phone-based Micro Communist Party School. The students also register achievements in activities such as ACM programming design contests, robot contests, and electronic design contests.





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