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The School of Arts was officially established in 2001 on the basis of the Department of Arts, which was set up in 1995. Students were enrolled under the specialty of Arts for the first time in 1993. To meet the needs of the rapid development of the School, the specialty of Fashion Design was separated from the School in 2012, which was later founded as a new school.

The School of Arts offers undergraduate programs in 8 different specialties, namely Arts and Crafts, Musicology, Fine Arts, Visual Communication Design, Environment Design, Products Design, Animation, and Dance Studies, with 12 orientations for the training of advanced specialized talents. With more than 1,100 registered full-time students, the School has set up a “Henan Provincial Training Base for Talents of Cultural Reform and Development”, and teachers’ training bases in vocational education at provincial and national levels.

The reform of the specialty of Fine Arts constitutes a Provincial Pilot Project for Comprehensive Reform of Specialties. It is also a characteristic specialty in HIST. The discipline of Fine Arts is a key first-level discipline, and the specialty of Fine Arts has a highly competent teaching team that has been honored in HIST. With “HIST Purple Star Art Troup” and “HIST Painting and Calligraphy Association”, the School attaches great importance to the construction of cultural essentials for all-round and healthy development of all relevant undertakings.

There are 74 faculty members in the School, including 11 teachers with senior academic titles, and 68 with Master’s or Doctor’s degrees. 1 teacher won the Provincial Master Teacher Award; 1 was rated among Provincial Backbone Young Teachers, and 1 won the honor of Provincial Teaching Model. The School has 14 postgraduate supervisors, and has employed many famous experts at home and abroad to serve as visiting professors.

The School places importance on the construction of teams and platforms, developing disciplinary teams, academic teams and educational teams in accordance with disciplinary and academic research orientations. It works vigorously to promote the construction of platforms such as the “Platform for the Utilization and Artistic Innovation of Folk Arts Resources in Central China” and “Platform for Innovation Alliance of School-Enterprise Cooperation for the Training of Talents”. Efforts are made to maintain the ties between the School and more than 20 enterprises and public institutions for cooperative education of students and for artistic innovation.

Proceeding from the principle of “promoting disciplinary construction, improving teaching quality and enhancing talents cultivation through academic research”, the School underscores the feature of scientific and technological work in the arts subject. In recent years, more than 200 articles of high quality have been published, and 38 research projects have been registered at or above provincial level. The faculty members have undertaken a Training Resource Development Program listed in the Quality Improvement Project for Vocational College Teachers under the support of the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Finance in China.

The School has always adhered to the principles of “art-pursuing, truth-seeking, and ability-focused for overall development”, “giving full play to the leading role of disciplines, distinctive features, and prominent advantages”, “standardization of quality and ability, integration of theory and practice, individualized development of students”, as well as “personnel training in accordance with four different orientations towards technology, application, versatility and innovation”. The teaching quality has thus been steadily improved, with students winning more than 400 prizes in arts contests at provincial and national levels, and a sustainable employment rate of more than 94% among graduates.

The School has always carried out public arts education and made great efforts to enrich campus culture, holding artistic events like “Forum of Culture and Arts” and “Great Beauty in Folk Cultures” continuously. 77 prizes (including 74 provincial ones, and 3 national ones) have been achieved in the 3rd and 4th College Students Arts Performance. Moreover, the School won the National Excellent Organization Award and Provincial Award for Cultural and Ideological Progress.

The School won many honorary titles including “Provincial Advanced Party Organization”, “Civilized Unit in HIST”, “Advanced Unit for Students Work”, “May 4th Red Flag Youth League Committee”, “Advanced Unit of Employment Work for Students”, “Advanced Unit of Labor Union Work” and “Provincial Class-A School in Public Arts Education”.

These fine traditions of “truth-seeking and professional dedication” and spirits of “arduous efforts for self-reliance and self-improvement” would be carried forward continuously in pioneering efforts for reform and innovation. The School will continue with its efforts to build a teaching and research oriented school with distinctive features, reputation and influence at home and abroad.

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