Debriefing Meeting for Propaganda and Ideology Work Reports in HIST

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Scene of the Meeting

Speech by Zhiyuan Zhou, Secretary of the Party Committee in HIST


To further deepen the implementation of the principles put forward in the national and provincial meetings for ideological work in higher learning institutions, a debrief meeting for the implementation reports of Opinions Concerning Further Strengthening and Improving Propaganda and Ideology Work in Higher Education Under New Circumstances (XDZ [2017] No. 25) was held in Conference Room 901, the administration building in the morning of August 26 in HIST. Zhiyuan Zhou, Secretary of the Party Committee in HIST, and YaweiSong, Deputy Secretary, as well as the respective directors of 21 initiatingunits such as Party Committee Office, Headmaster’s Office under HIST attended the meeting, which was chaired by Zhou. 


The directors of relevant units delivered detailed reports on the progress,difficulties and subsequent plans regarding corresponding tasks, while Zhou took notes and interposed occasionally for further inquiries.


Zhou appreciated the work done by all units and proposed three major requirements regarding the subsequent work: firstly, the individual initiating unit should take full responsibility for their own work; at the sametime, all units should join hands to speed up the implementation work;secondly, all units should timely discover and analyze the problems and difficulties in their work, solve them creatively through strengthen edcommunication to ensure the work be completed on time; thirdly, new lessons should be drawn, new issues be dealt with and new solutions be proposed to bring about a new landscape in the propaganda and ideology work of HIST, so asto embrace with remarkable achievements the opening of 19th National Congress in the near future. 


Some other work relating to recent matters of HIST was arranged inthe meeting. 

(Party Committee Office in HIST)

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