The President of Sumy National Agrarian University from Ukraine Paid a Visit to our College

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Signing Agreement on Coorperation between Our Two Universities

Signing Agreement on Coorperation between Our Two Universities

A meeting between our college and SNAU

The president ladyka of SNAU giving a speech

The president Chengwei Li giving a speech

The deputy president Lili Liu hosting the meeting

Taking pictures by the representatives from both sides

In the morning of Aug. 3rd, a ceremony was held in the Kaiyuan Mingdu Hotel, Xinxiang, to unveil the nameplate of the Research Institute of Europe Agricultural Physics, as well to start the Chinese - Ukraine "The Belt and Road" Eco-agriculture international symposium. During the meeting, our institute signed agreement on coorperation with Sumy National Agrarian University, including the coorperation on teaching, research and personnel training.  


In the afternoon of Aug. 3rd, invited by our institute, the president Ladyka of Sumy National Agrarian University (SNAU), the counselor of the Sumy state government Mr. Ralph Ric paid a visit to our campus, accompanied by the deputy mayor Zhiwei of Xinxiang city. A meeting was held in the conference room 901 in the administration building. President Li Chengwei and vice president LiuLili attended the forum. The heads of the principal office, the personneloffice, the office of academic studies, the science and Technology Department,the Graduate Office, the International Exchange office and the School of animalscience and technology attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by deputy president Liu Lili.  


Li Chengwei madea welcome speech. He expressed warm welcome to deputy mayor Zhiwei and President ladyka. And he breifly introduced our institute to the guests,including the scope, majors, scientific research, foreign exchange and so on.The president ladyka introduced the development of SNAU, its majors, scientific achievements, coorperations and so on. The counselor Raph Ric introduced thestate Sumy, including its location, natural resource, major industries,educations and so on.


The discussion on coorperation was made amid a very amicable environment. Our institute and Sumy National Agrarian University have a lot of similarity in major setups and disciplines, so there is big room for coorperation between the two universities. This will promote the two universities to cooperate in students exchange, teachers exchange visit, joint training on undergraduates and post graduates as well as other affairs.


After the meeting, the president Ladyka and the delegates paid a visit to the wheat Centre in our institute.


The meeting was a good beginning for cooperation and exchanges between our institute and Sumynational Agrarian University. The signing of the cooperation agreement laid the foundation for the next step of multi mode, multi-level and multi professional cooperation. At the same time, it has played a positive role in promoting the development of Sino foreign cooperative education in our institute.  


Sumy NationalAgrarian University, formerly known as Sumy Agrarian college, is one of Ukraine's most famous agricultural university, founded in 1977, including the Department of agriculture, food technology department, Department of veterinary medicine, Engineering technology department, Department of economics, Business and management department, the Department of preschool education.  


(Office of International Exchange, LiJing/text; Party Committee Propaganda Department, Liu Junfeng/ pictures )

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