Delegation from Department of Social Sciences of Ministry of Education Made an Inspection Tour at HIST

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On the morning of July 9th, the delegation led by Liu Guiqin,Director-General of Department of Social Sciences of Ministry of Education,visited HIST and inspected the implementation of the project “Year for Improving the Teaching Quality of Ideological and Political Courses”. ChenYinting, a full-time member of Henan Higher Education Affairs Committee, LiPeijun, Director of the Division of Ideological and Political Affairs from the Department of Education of Henan Province, and Xu Junbao, Deputy Director of the same Division, also participated in the inspection. A meeting was held in Room 206 of the Executive Building. Li Chengwei, President of HIST, and SongYawei, Deputy Secretary of HIST Party Committee, attended the meeting. The participants also included some executive officers from the Office of Party Committee, Publicity Department,YouthLeague Committee, the personnel office, the Office of Academic Studies, the Science and Technology Department, Student Affairs Department and School of Marxism, as well as the faculty members of School of Marxism. Li Peijun hosted the meeting.


Li Chengwei delivered a speech in the meeting. He introduced the basic information about HIST, including the history,statusquo of school running,construction of disciplines and majors, development characteristics, as well as the mission, values and prospect of HIST. He also briefed the participants on the process of comprehensive reform of HIST.


Song Yawei briefly reviewed the basic information about School of Marxism, and expounded the implementation process of the project “Year for Improving the Teaching Quality of Ideological and Political Courses”, as well as the existing problems in the construction of ideological and political courses.


Liu Guiqin gave full recognition of the achievements the Institute has made, pointing out that HIST has highly valued the project, taken strong measures and made significant achievements. He also put forward two requirements for HIST: First, to thoroughly study and implement the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s important speech in the National Conference on Ideologicaland Political Work in Higher Education Institutions, and to develop a keen awareness and take specific and effective measures; Second, to meticulously implement the project “Year for Improving the Teaching Quality of Ideologicaland Political Courses” by perfecting the teaching contents, strengthening the teaching team, innovating the cooperative mode and increasing the vividness and modernity of the ideological and political courses, so as to make the undergraduates actively engage in the courses.


The delegation also watched the documentary for practical teaching of ideological and political courses, and visited the Experience Museum for China’s History and Status Quo in our college.

(Publicity Department, School of Marxism)


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